Stop the Silence

Stop the Silence

Please, speak up and help end the silence surrounding sexual violence and harassment.

A new chapter in Board of Regents policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Discrimination passed unanimously during the board’s June 2017 meeting, and the changes to how the University of Alaska has committed to handling reports of sexual discrimination and harassment are substantial. The new policy provides clear guidance for students, employees and external entities alike, including definitions, standards of conduct, reporting information and contacts, timelines, processes and a clear appeals process. The university must respond to reports of prohibited conduct with measures designed to stop the behavior, prevent its recurrence and remediate any hostile environment it caused.

We know it is hard for victims of sexual assault and harassment, or their friends and family members, to step forward, report their experiences and seek help to assist the healing process. Too often men and women who suffer these experiences leave school as a result. We are working hard to prevent that from happening.

The university cares about our students and have resources and services available to those who ask, and these services are offered without delay and without doubt.  

UA students who are victims of, or have knowledge about, incidents of sexual misconduct have multiple options of disclosure and control over when, where, how or even if to report.

No Disclosure, Confidential Disclosure, Title IX Disclosure, Police Disclosure or make an online report via the UA Confidential Hotline.

Training and Prevention

Everyone bears the responsibility to ensure that UA’s campuses are safe, welcoming and inclusive for our students, employees and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to continuing education about sexual assault and harassment prevention, and will be requiring all degree seeking, national/international exchange, and students living on campus, and all regular employees, to complete annual Title IX training. LEARN MORE

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